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Chapter at Cardinal Academy of the Arts

 Cardinal Academy of the Arts

Chapter at St. Andrew's College

St. Andrew's College

Chapter at FuYang High School

FuYang High School

Smiles Across Borders Chapters

Join Smiles Across Borders' Chapters program today! On this page, you will find a guide for starting your own Smiles Across Borders chapter in your school or community. We welcome students from all across the world to become chapter heads: Canada, United States, etc.

Please fill out the form at the end of the page to sign up! 

Chapter Guide

To become a chapter head, we ask you to familiarize yourself with our organization. Please read through our website and understand our mission and values. 


Smiles Across Borders' chapters allow students to gain leadership and teamwork skills while creating long-lasting global connections through handwritten letters. Become a chapter leader today by starting a chapter in your school or community!


  • Register your club within the school or community (if required) 

  • Schedule meetings within your club for letter-writing sessions

  • Send your chapter's written cards to Smiles Across Borders P.O. Box (under "contact us")

  • Participate in Instagram takeovers on Smiles Across Borders' Instagram account

  • Be an ambassador for Smiles Across Borders; spread the word and advertise your chapter

  • Attend any Smiles Across Borders chapter meetings

Your Role

  • Host meetings at least once a month to ensure the chapter runs smoothly

  • Work to expand and grow. Assign other rules if needed (VP, Social Media etc.)

  • Meet a set amount of letters monthly (more info provided later)

  • Record all club members information and # of letters sent 

  • Send all letters to Smiles Across Borders P.O. Box

  • Run Instagram takeovers on Smiles Across Borders' Instagram


  • Please understand that becoming a chapter lead is a significant commitment that requires dedication and time. That said, please only apply if you are willing to prioritize this leadership position. 

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