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Writing a Card

Curious on how to write a card?


Obtain a card or make one by hand


Write a personalized uplifting, heart warming message. Be creative!


Seal enevople and mail the card to our P.O Box. Ensure to put correct postage.  

Our Guidelines

1. Your message must be hand written 

2. Ensure to address each letter to the respective student we assign you with.

3. Please write at least 4 sentences, with an average of 15-20 words per sentence.

4. Write the letter like you would to a friend, ensure the narrative does not come across as "braggy" or condescending.

5. Ensure the card is thoughtful and well-written. Any inappropriate or offensive messages will not be tolerated. 

6. If you are sending more than one card, please send them in one large box or package but ensure each letter has its own envelope. 

7. Be creative and have fun!

Card Content Ideas

Tell them about yourself

  • Your name

  • Your interests and hobbies 

  • What life is like here 

Tell a story

  • Talk about an interesting and unique story 

  • Talk about a time how you battled and overcame adversity


a letter examplar
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