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Voices of Compassion: Stories from Smiles Across Borders Volunteers

Thanks for stopping by desired companions and advocates of Smiles Across Borders! There is a glimmer of hope in a world where differences appear to be widening every day because of the hard work of committed volunteers.

Have you ever wondered what inspires our amazing volunteers to donate their time and talents to our cause?

Now, take a seat and get ready to be moved by their tales. These are the touching stories of people who, one kind letter at a time, have decided to spread happiness and understanding throughout the world.

Luc Warner (Class of 24’) shares his perspective:

“Writing letters to Smiles Across Borders just goes to show how much we want to inspire and make other people dream big around the world. Many people receiving letters in different countries might have never heard of the sports some of us play that we talk about in the letters. I hope this only inspires the readers to want to learn more about that and potentially try the sport out. Writing these letters can provide an opportunity and it’s nice to see how far this organization has come”.

Another individual always on Smiles Across Borders radar for his work states…

“When I (Luke Brandon) write letters describing my life in Canada with kids in Kenya, it offers them a glimpse into a world they may not otherwise have access to, broadening their understanding of different cultures and lifestyles. It creates a sense of connection and empathy by connecting two very different geographic and cultural areas and can help them learn about my experiences and challenges. It also can inspire them by showcasing possibilities and opportunities beyond their immediate surroundings, motivating them to dream big and aspire for more”. – Luke Brandon (St. Andrew’s Class of 24’)

Finally, is the reason behind Max’s Motivation for our cause:

“As a student, I decided to write a letter through Smiles Across Borders because I saw it as a chance to learn about different cultures and make new friends across the globe. It seemed like a unique opportunity to connect with students from diverse backgrounds and exchange perspectives on various topics. Plus, the idea of receiving a letter from someone halfway across the world excited me and sparked my curiosity”. – Maxam D’Angelo (St. Andrew’s Class of 24’)

There you have it—direct insights from the very best people in our amazing community. Beyond the ink on paper, we are creating bonds, igniting happiness, and fostering an international community built on compassion and understanding. So let's continue this journey together, letter by letter, hand in hand, dear friends. Because it is through our combined efforts that we can bring about significant and long-lasting change, not just smiles. 🌍💫

PSA: Would you like to contribute to our effort to bridge cultural divides with smiles? We're still taking applications! For more information on how you can join our expanding team and change the world, visit our website, or follow us on social media.

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