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New Year’s Cheers and Milestones: Growing together as a culture and organization

Welcome back to a brand-new year at Smiles Across Borders.

After the wrap-up of the holiday season, we wanted to have a nice discussion about the wonders that the Christmas season brought us: the gift of unity, and the ability to reflect on our growth as an organization.

Everyone knows that the Holiday season was and will always be embellished with distinctive customs and traditions that add to the season's genuine uniqueness. A feeling of specialness across various cultures. Our volunteers were able to write about their annual traditions and share them with someone across the world.

This perfectly captures the spirit of what Smiles Across Borders does, which is to give youths in underdeveloped nations handwritten letters full of cheer. It was like connecting with pen pals but with a festive Christmas twist to accommodate the time of year.

We would like you to pause for a few minutes to write out some of your favorite holiday customs, add a New Year’s resolution or wish, and then share it with us. Others would love to hear who you plan to spend this time with this year and how you spend it together. Let's all shine our spirit together and brighten someone's world.

As this year begins, we here are thrilled to share the strides that we took in our second year of 2023 and our future expectations and hopes for our organization come 2024. From 50 to 70 schools encapsulating a whole 10,000+ letters sent, the connection will just keep on growing. The 2024 year will see no signs of slowing as our commitment to our cause foresees us delivering a total of 25,000+ letters extending across 5,000+ willing volunteers. The inclusion of 5000+ volunteers fosters a growth that will hopefully come to include a wider range of up to 200 schools! All of which extends even further across 20 countries!

Now, while 130 additional schools may not seem like much across the whole globe, to us, they represent the natural improvement toward our goal.

In the spirit of honesty, we must report that, compared to our initial expectations at the turn of the year, our program has reached even more nations. This was not a huge plan; rather, it developed naturally as we connected with like-minded people across the world.

This is nothing more than a modest acknowledgment that our effort to unite people through handwritten letters is gathering steam.

No lofty proclamations or lofty goals here. If you want to support this wonderful cause, think about writing a letter, passing along a custom, and participating in this enjoyable project.

Let's embrace the true spirit of the New Year by bringing joy to others via little yet heartfelt acts of kindness. The core of our mission is a letter, a tradition, and shared smiles.

On behalf of everyone here in the Smiles Across Borders family, we would like to wish you and your loved ones an exceptional new year.

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